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Helping pastors and churches discover the enjoyable presence of God and grow transformative churches around it. 

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Ephesus Ministries

Starting as a ministry training school in the Rochester, NY region, we are a ministry based in Kansas City. We are connected to the International House of Prayer and led by pastor Zack Hensley. We aim to help pastors and churches discover the enjoyable presence of God and grow transformative churches around it. 

Using proven and scalable methods, we are helping leaders grow their churches, houses of prayer, and ministries around the magnet of God's presence. We have built churches and prayer movements that have massively impacted their communities over the last 22 years. We are optimistic that we can help you grow what you lead into something beautiful for God.



Helping people discover

We are offering courses and recording podcasts to help people discover God and what He's doing in our time. 

"Beautiful Church" podcast out now on all podcast platforms and YouTube. 


Serving Pastors and Leaders 

We have one-on-one training and cohorts to come along pastors and leaders and assist them in building a prayer culture and expression that best fits their unique environment.


Building Prayer Rooms and expressions. 

We come along side and work exclusively with churches (pastors, staff, and lay leaders) and help them launch or build prayer rooms, Houses of Prayer, and prayer expressions. Inquire for a free initial consultation. 

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