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Jesus is On The Move

We all travel this planet for a short time. In that time, we work, we love, we hurt, and we die. We toil in life to obtain the things that keep us alive. We love in life to find enjoyment and happiness to remove the sting of that toil. We hope throughout all of our existence that our experiences during this short-lived journey meant something somewhere, to someone. The expectation is that our life will either climax to meet our dreams or transform into an eternal state of bliss. However, we are not the subjects of our existence, instead we are the objects of one creator and subjected to Him. This truth is the genesis of real Hope.

Our world endures in the darkness of night, waiting for the dawn. In this night we long for change. We long for someone or some movement to lead us to a world free from war, famine, poverty, and personal torment. We long for something to give purpose to the strivings of our life besides the standard cycle: learning, working, resting then dying. We yearn for something to answer the questions of our heart when we lay awake in bed at night. The questions humanity tries to hide by making money, consuming substances, and partaking in endless forms of entertainment. Questions like “Why am I alive?”; “Why is life filled with so much pain?”; “What is the meaning of life?”

These questions are the fruit of poor human leadership. Leadership tainted by sin and evil that has progressed since Adam. Men and woman who have held governmental positions over the last 6,000 years who have misused their God rented authority for their own gain. Leaders who have failed to lead their subjects in giving glory to God by obeying His law. Because of this oversight, humanity has been in a spiral of unrest. Wars have ensued as power hungry leaders struggle for ownership of the Earth and its glory. Poverty has spread like a disease crippling many, as rulers use their talents to enslave others to their lust and greed. Yet in all of this, there is a place in the universe where a man was always intended to rule our planet in righteousness and justice. That place, that man, and His throne are what we are waiting for, longing for, yearning for. They are the dawning of a new era for humanity. Their arrival gives us exodus from the night, and entrance to the day.

The place better is known as Heaven, and the man as Jesus the Christ. Soon and very soon there will be a ceremony in heaven, just before it makes it’s decent to join the Earth forever. At that event there will be a scroll, the title deed for the Earth. Whoever possesses and opens that scroll, owns the Earth forever. Whoever opens it must be wise enough, humble enough, and kind enough to break open the scroll’s seals to cleanse the Earth and pronounce judgment on it. With great zeal, and great fervor those seals purge the Earth of it’s wickedness and sets in motion God’s restoration plan. So glorious will that ceremony be as we will watch the final point in the story of humanity in this age.

Heaven isn’t just a place we go to when we die. Heaven is a created structure that is really going to come down out of the sky to rest on Earth. God is really going to make His eternal AND physical home on our planet forever. No human imagination in history could have conjured up this imagery.

Jesus having been fully God made Himself completely man, while never suspending His deity. He joined His own creation, so that He could interact directly with us forever. Only He can own that scroll. Only He can rule our Universe in justice because ONLY HE proved Himself worthy by proving His humility, meekness, and kindness by shedding His blood for all of Humanity. Only His government of peace will grow endlessly because He’s committed to not only restoring the Earth but allowing Humanity to have part in ruling it with Him forever.

We wait not only for a righteous ruler to restore our lives, but also give to us the eternal purpose of giving Him glory. Our world gets restored, and we get to function as the rulers of (not minions of) creation that we were always intended to be for all of eternity. For those who love Christ the future only holds for us Hope and opportunity. For those who can’t see past the human angst and reject Christ, the future remains terrorizing.

If humanity is waiting for a human movement of unity to overcome the evil plight we’ve been battling for 6,000 years, we will be found wanting. If we are waiting for the human spirit to triumph and cause humanity to overcome the wiles of lust, greed, ego, and arrogance, we will be found wanting. If we are waiting for a revolution in politics to change and better the way we govern the planet, we will be found wanting. Only one man is qualified to own the scroll and transform our world. Only one man has proved himself worthy. Only one man can restore all that we are.

This is the story of Jesus and His plan for restoration. It’s not only the story we learn about in the Bible. It’s the story that we now see unfolding before us today. It is the story of the final chapter in God’s plan to restore us and our world. Pain has an appointed end. Suffering has an appointed end. These are not empty hopes, they are a future certainty. Every wrong thing is soon to be made right. Jesus is on the move. Are we following His lead?

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