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Sometimes We Don't Pray Because We’re Afraid.

There are times when we are afraid to pray. Afraid because we've been in sin or comprised on a few things. Sometimes it simply that we’ve gone so long without praying we are afraid that God doesn't want to hear from us or help us in our need.

We fear that when we do finally come to God He's going to reflect our character to us. That he's going to penalize us or lecture us and remind us just how wrong we were. So we avoid prayer, we avoid honestly talking with God because we think He’s going to be as harsh to us as we are to ourselves.

However, the transformative power of prayer is that when do come to God, who is our Father, He reflects His character down to us.

God loves you more than you love you. God is offensively patient and immeasurably kind. Not only will you discover the joy and beauty of His character. Not only will you find a home in His love for you. You will find your self becoming like Him.

Of all the things in life to run away from, prayer should be the least. Of all the thing to seek out to satisfy the dissatisfaction and disappointment of your heart, prayer should be your only ambition.

God wants to meet you in your mess and help you clean it up. God has seen the worst parts of you and has determined to not leave you by His own words. You’re His kid. He delights in you. Run to Him in prayer.

If you want to know where to start in prayer, try doing some of the steps I laid out here: HERE

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