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We Waste Too Many Sunsets

I wanted to drop this quick post today about something cool that I recently experienced.

The other night as I was driving home from running an errand while the sun was setting. It was one of those perfect sunsets. The colors cascading up from the horizon. The sky looked alive.

I’ve seen this sight many times, as I’m sure you have. I continued driving and going through the task list in my head until I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit. “Pull over and enjoy the sunset”. I needed to get home, but I figured a couple minutes wouldn’t hurt. I pulled on to the shoulder of the country highway I was driving on, got out and watched.

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I stood there for about 5 minutes when tears unexpectedly filled my eyes. I had no thoughts in my head or heart except, “wow”. I felt the presence of God in that moment. I didn’t feel like God was saying anything specific, or had anything special to share except: “I’m here”. I sighed and thought, "Gosh, I waste too many sunsets."

For the first time in a long time I felt the intentionality of God in what I was looking at. Sure, I'm looking at light bending through the moisture in the atmosphere creating a pleasurable display of colors. But He makes the light bend. God does so many things every day to reveal His presentness in our lives. So many things that we often ignore. Beauty it self was made by God to remind us that He’s there. The Sunset is no exception.

So many cars whipped by as I stood there. I thought about how that's usually me. So caught up in the functionality of life, that I forget to enjoy the things that all that functionality is for. Normally so caught up in the next task, the next thing that has to be done that I miss out on so many beautiful things. So many divine moments where God shows us bits of Himself in the things and people around us. In so many sunsets.

In makes me think of a line from a Sleeping At Last song: “In beauty, there echoes, a speck of our source.”

Let me pass on the nudge to you. Pause today and enjoy the sunset. Enjoy a sunrise. Pause and simply acknowledge the beauty in the things around you. Watch what happens. It’s like waking up from a dream. You’ll realize just how present God is around you.

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